Official Contractor List

Catering / Food Sampling / Communication / Internet/ Phone /
Utilities / Gas / Water / Compressed Air / Cleaning

International Convention Centre (ICC Sydney)
14 Darling Drive
Sydney, NSW 2000
T. 02 9215 7373


45 Princes Road West, Auburn NSW 2144
T. 02 9645 7000
F. 02 9645 5300



GEL Events
Andrew Schiavon
T. 1300 013 533


Clifton Productions
Giulietta Daniele
NSW Account Manager - Exhibitions
P. 02 8335 9300    
DP. 02 8335 9324


F.WOOD & SON Pty Ltd
Mandy Kendrick
P.O. Box 25 Rosanna VIC 3084
T. (03) 9459 6628
F. (03) 9459 2175



OzAccomm Group Pty Ltd

PO Box 104, RNH Post Office QLD 4029
Toll free: 1800 814 611
Int: +61 7 3854 1611
F. 02 38541507

Deliveries & Logistics (Move-In & Move-Out)

Move-In Procedures


Thursday 19 August 2022

1.00pm - 10.00pm Custom Build Stand Construction Only


Friday 19 August 2022
7.00am - 10.00pm All Exhibitors

ICC Sydney loading docks are accessible via Darling Drive and controlled by a manned checkpoint. In order to minimise traffic congestion on the public roads surrounding the venue, it is a venue requirement that a move-in schedule is developed and adhered to. Vehicles trying to access the loading dock outside of their designated timeslot will not be granted access.

Space only exhibitors: If you have a custom stand, you will need to book two move-in times: the first timeslot is for your stand-builder to deliver their build materials. The second timeslot will be for the delivery of your exhibition and/or display goods.

While the deadline for this compulsory form is 17 September 2021, you are encouraged to submit this as early as possible so GEL Events can do the best to accommodate your preference. Considerations such as your position on the floorplan will also be taken into account. If you using GEL Events for transport, a timeslot will be automatically scheduled for you. If using own transport company, you must book a move in time/s.

Please contact GEL Events if you have any questions about the form.

GEL Events
Andrew Schiavon
P: 1300 013 533
M: 0405 490 949

Important Information:

  • Goods delivery can be done during move-in times. (**Deliveries cannot be made prior to the first date of move in Thursday 18 August 2022)
  • Neither ICC nor the Organisers will take delivery of any goods, packages or other material on behalf of exhibitors, nor will the Organisers accept responsibility for the safety or well-being of any such items delivered to the site in the absence of the exhibitor, his/her agent or contractor.
  • All stands must be completely dressed and all rubbish removed by 10.00pm on Friday 19 August 2022.

Move-Out Procedures


Sunday 21 August 2022

*6.00pm - 10.00pm Display and merchandise pack down for exhibitors


Sunday 21 August 2022 From 10.00pm Walls & fascia pack down

Important Information:

  • *If you have a custom stand display, please advise them that access to dismantle stands will not be before the loading dock opens. This will be approximately 45 minutes to an hour after the expo closes.
  • Displays should not be dismantled or products removed before the official closing of the Show at 5:00 pm on Sunday 21 August.
  • Move-out of products will commence approx. 30 minutes after the Show close or once the halls are clear of visitors and it is safe to do so & exhibitors have their hi-vis safety vest on.
  • Space Only stands cannot commence stand dismantle until 6:30 pm.
  • Any merchandise remaining should be placed in the centre of your stand, well clear of the stand walls and clearly labelled. All goods should be clearly labelled with company name, stand number, contact name and contact number.
  • Any goods or stand materials remaining after 12noon Monday 22 August 2022 will be freighted off-site and returned at the exhibitor's expense.
  • No responsibility will be accepted by Reed Exhibitions for the return of these items.

Show Closure:

When the Show closes at 5:00 pm, the area will be defined as an exhibition work site and safety precautions must be taken.

  • All exhibitors must wear high visibility vests, closed-toe shoes and have identification.
  • No alcohol is to be consumed during the move-out. 
  • Children are not permitted in the halls or on the loading dock during move-out. 
  • Exhibitors are not permitted to dismantle stands, remove merchandise or remove boxes from the storage area prior to the official closing of the Show.
  • The loading dock door will only open once all visitors have left the exhibition and when it is considered safe to do so.
  • Vehicles should not queue for dock access until two hours after the end of the expo. Exhibitors should also advise their freight companies that they will not gain access onto the loading dock until this time.
  • Please be patient and refrain from walking onto the loading dock during this high traffic period. If exhibitors walk onto the loading dock area all forklift activity must stop. This is a directive from WORKCOVER. 
  • As the removal of walls commences at 10:00 pm, please ensure all material is removed by this time. Any items remaining should be packed and placed in the centre of your stand, well clear of the stand wall and marked with: company name, contact person, contact phone number and recipient address details. No responsibility will be accepted by Reed Exhibitions for the return of these items.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for the security of their displays and exhibits until removed. Beauty Expo Australia will not accept responsibility for the loss of any items.
  • Exhibitors are reminded that goods will be at risk during move out and that stands should not be left unattended until all items and equipment have been collected by the appropriate suppliers.

Hire & Services

Here is a list of additional Hire and Services Available for Exhibitors

Please click here to see the best accommodation options our travel partner Ozaccom has put together for our exhibitors and visitors.

Click here for Stand Catering Form
Click here for Internet Service Form
Click here for Exhibitor Account Order Form
Click here for Stand Cleaning Form
Click here for Air/Water/Gas Form
Click here for Naked Flames Permit Form

Click here to order Rigging via Clifton Productions

Click here to order plumbing via F.Wood & Son


Cold Display Solutions


Phone: 1300 668 292


Address: 2A Hearne Street, Mortdale, NSW 2223

To ensure both visitors and exhibitors experience Beauty Expo Australia at its best, Reed Exhibitions must approve the orientation of stages on stands and the size of the PA system being used.

If you are having a stage and/or PA system on your stand you must notify the operations team.

Questions? Contact our Operations team below.

Emma Petersen
Senior Operations Manager
P. 02 9422 2387
M +61417564312

Lily Nutting
Operations Manager
P. 02 9422 2390

Operations A-Z

Please click here to view Operations A-Z, a list of Operations Information.

WH&S Rules and Regulations

Why do we need an WH&S Policy?

This policy provides a safe environment for all personnel (organisers, exhibitors, contractors, visitors) involved in Reed Exhibitions events. WH&S is an important initiative and we ask for your support in our safety endeavours.

What is required of Exhibitors?

Simply read the policy document and complete Task 5 acknowledging you have read and understood the WH&S policy to Reed Exhibitions by the due date.

Ensure that all personnel involved in your exhibit read this document and comply with the Reed Exhibition policy and procedures and/or have their own policy/procedures.

During the build-up and breakdown periods, your staff and sub-contractors should be constantly reminded by you of the need for vigilance regarding the health and safety of themselves and those working in their vicinity. Any violations or concerns regarding any of the above points should be reported to the hall floor manager or to the organising office.

What are the WH&S Procedures?

  • Shell Scheme Exhibitors
    If you have contracted the shell scheme package you are covered within our WH&S policy and are not required to complete the Custom Build/Modified Shell Approval – Form 3. However, if you are planning to contract other services as part of your stand design, it is advised that you ensure that those contractors/suppliers have their own WH&S policy and follow safe practices - this declaration can therefore act as a guide for you in this regard. 
  • Space Only Stands
    If you have elected to contract a space only stand, your stand, walls, signs, floor coverings, etc will need to be constructed and supplied. You are therefore required to complete ALL details within the Custom Build/Modified Shell Approval (Task 6).

It is the policy of Reed Exhibitions to endeavour to seek the co-operation of all concerned in order to achieve the highest standards, in all aspects, of health and safety.

Reed Exhibitions, along with each respective venue, has, within its scope of policies, a responsibility to ensure that safe working practices are maintained at all times, which includes ensuring that provision is made whereby persons other than the organiser's or venue employees are reminded of their responsibilities whilst working at the exhibition centre.

As an exhibitor, contractor or agent you have a duty under Work, Health and Safety Legislation to ensure that all personnel, contracted by you are aware that they have a responsibility, so far as is reasonably practicable, for the health, safety and welfare of all employees, and that any plant, or systems of work which may be used are, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and without risks to health. This includes that all employees are provided with information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure not only their own health and safety, but also of others working or attending the vicinity.

Under Work, Health and Safety Legislation all exhibitors and contractors are required to carry out an assessment of the activities involving the use, handling and storage of hazardous substances within the workplace. As such, Reed Exhibitions will undertake an assessment of how any substances used, handled or stored at an exhibition may affect others and if precautions are needed, to ensure that they are put into place.

You are also required to have in your possession a copy of your own Health and Safety policy and a copy of the Health and Safety policy document of each contractor employed by you which may be requested during the exhibition.

More Information
Click here for further information on our Work Health and Safety Policy.

Please COMPLETE your WH&S Policy via your Tasks 5 to confirm your acceptance of our policy. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the event Operations Manager. 

Public Liability

As an exhibitor at an RX Global event we have provided you with Public Liability Insurance.  This is provided at no cost to you. The insurance covers you for $10, 000,000 AUD Public Liability Insurance. 

It is a federal requirement that you must acknowledge this with a signature to be fully insured and covered.  

Please complete your Public Liability Form and submit it via Task 6 in the Exhibitor Hub.

It is important that you read the following important documents as they contain information about the terms and conditions applicable to your exhibitors public liability insurance. The folowing are made available to you via Task 6 in the Exhibitor Hub.