Exhibitor FAQ

How do I access the new exhibitor Tasks and Manual?
When the exhibitor hub is launched, you will automatically receive an email prompting you to create a password and access. The Exhibitor Hub will give you access to the task list and a link to the Exhibitor Manual, which is the readable part with all important information about exhibiting.

Do I receive any online or printed marketing exposure as part of my contract? 
This is automatically charged with your stand. Your standard exposure package includes an online listing on our Brand Directory on our website, including product images, document uploads, social media links and a profile. For our 2022 event we are transitioning to a digital event guide! Your profile, contact information and brand listing will be available in an interactive event guide that will be emailed out to our entire database. Upgrades are available to increase your exposure, please refer to the Marketing & Promotions tab in the manual.

When is Move-In and Move-Out for exhibitors?
Please refer to the Key Dates & Times section of the manual. 

How do I find out what is included in my stand/contract?
Please refer to the Event Team Contact section of the manual for our sales team.

Do I get lighting and power with my stand?
With a Shell Scheme stand, it includes 2x 120watt LED track lights per 9sqm. Power is included with 1x 4amp PowerPoint per stand. For Space-Only stands, lighting and power is not included. You can order this from Task 7 Stand Build Services form in our tasklist.

How do I get internet onsite?
This can be ordered through the venue. Alternatively, you can use the free Wi-Fi provided by the venue for basic web browsing. Please note this will have a download limit.

Where do I send my boxes/freight to?
All the delivery details and the delivery label are in the manual under Deliveries & Logistics. Goods should not be delieved prior to Thursday 18 August 2022.

When will I receive my name badge for the show?
Please register your staff name details via Task 3 in the manual. Badges will then be pre-printed ready for you to collect from the customer service desk when you arrive at the show. 

Is cleaning included in my stand package?
All floor aisles and stands will be cleaned the night before the show opens. However if you require stand cleaning at the end of the Day 1, this can be ordered through the venue.

Are children able to attend the show?
Due to the professional and business nature of the event, we highly recommend no children to attend. However in the case that someone aged 14 and under must attend, please make your way to the Customer Service desk to sign a child/pram waiver and receive a child sticker. Children 15 years and over must purchase a ticket as normal as they are old enough to work in the industry.

Show Word Definitions

SPACE ONLY: Refers to your contracted area comprising of only bare floor space. You will need to provide your own stand. The dimensions & position of your stand will be marked out with tape to show the boundary of your stand. All space only stands must submit a stand drawing for approval to Reed Exhibitions detailing dimensions and material to be used to our Operations Manager.

SHELL SCHEME: Your booth is ready built and provided to you. (includes floor space, construction, rear and sides walls where applicable) carpet tiles, fascia signage and spotlights.

FASCIA: The panel running horizontally around the top edge of your stand. This would normally display your Trading Name.

MANUAL HOME: Readable part of the manual with relevant show information.

EXHIBITOR HUB: Portal that is accessed with exhibitor login in order to complete show TASKS. Please contact the Events Team if you have trouble accessing this.