• 24-25 August 2024
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Don’t miss your opportunity for a complimentary one-on-one business consultation with our experts; Kara Lehmann, Andy Heyne, Sue Sparrow and Teodora Robinson.

With their vast experience consulting on beauty, wholesale, pricing, marketing, sales and so much more, get the insights and advice you need to move your business to the next level in our bespoke 45 minute sessions on The Business Couch.



Meet the founder of Sparrow Insurance, Sue Sparrow - a leading innovator in Australia's insurance industry. While she didn't plan to become a trailblazer in specialised beauty, cosmetic injectables, and medical insurance, her experience in the industry soon revealed three major issues that business owners face: lacking understanding and attention from insurance providers, feeling overwhelmed by the process of organising insurance, and having inadequate coverage.  Seeing how these issues impacted people's professional, emotional, and financial well-being, Sue was inspired to make a difference. Her mission: to educate and empower beauty, aesthetics and medical industry professionals to make wise insurance choices tailored to their unique needs.

That’s why Sue founded Sparrow Insurance; to deliver simple, personalised insurance solutions tailored to each client’s business needs. Sue and her team take the time to understand each business’s unique requirements, ensuring proper coverage and support throughout the entire insurance cycle.  Book your appointment now for a free consultation with this insurance industry innovator and expert to assess your business insurance.

Andy hasn’t always been in the beauty industry. His earlier years were filled with struggles: substance abuse, reckless behaviour, and a negative mindset that held me back. Raised in a cramped caravan with my loving mother, he didn't have much in terms of material comforts. However, these tough experiences taught him the value of gratitude and the power of resilience

Andy’s approach to mentoring focuses on the whole picture: mindset, team dynamics, client relations, and business strategy. By equipping you with the tools to motivate your staff, create a positive work environment, and better serve your clients, financial success will naturally follow. Andy’s passion lies in helping salon owners discover their "True Power to Choose" and break free from limiting beliefs.

Are you ready to transform your beauty business and unlock its full potential? Book a free introductory call with Andy and discover if his coaching approach is the right fit for you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let's embark on this journey to success together!



Teodora is a Branding and Digital Content Specialist and the Co-Founder of STATE OF ANTé, a boutique creative agency specialising in elevating beauty, lifestyle, health and wellness industries online. With over ten years of experience working with brands across the globe, Teodora blends creativity, aesthetics and strategy to create harmony within your brand and marketing channels. An advocate for creating authentic connections online, with an exceptional eye for design, Teodora will help you create transformative and impact-driven brand experiences. 


Having run her very own 7 figure salon for 10 years, Kara understands how pressed for time you can be as a salon owner or beauty brand. Kara’s mission is to help take away the overwhelm and assist you in your business, so that you can enjoy spending more time, doing the things you love.

During her time as a business owner, Kara has learnt a lot about what to do and what not to do and knows how important it is to be able to ask for help and employ a team to guide and support you on your journey. The Beauty Boss VA has a goal to help other business owners reach their goals. If you are looking for someone who knows and understands what it’s like to be a business owner, has experience in what it takes to grow a beauty business successfully and would like more time to enjoy the journey of being an entrepreneur, book your free consultation with The Beauty Boss VA.